Hi there! We call ourselves Session 42 Studios.

Session 42 Studios is an online-based group and productions studio that aims to provide high-quality applications and software all over the web. We strive to offer solutions in various fields, including ROBLOX, web development, safety, mobile development, and even more.

Our story

Created January 21, 2019, under the name of "Snaks United", we deployed onto the ROBLOX platform. We used to create low-quality, copied, or spam games such as "AFK UNTIL SOMEONE DONATES" experiences. We were on unknown grounds, we were players. After 2 months of publishing we abandoned the group.

Almost one year later, February 13, 2022 - we revamped our group. Session 42 Studios was born. We started to develop several ROBLOX games that we never finished. We had this vision where we were going to build top-quality games that would magically get famous. After we noticed that we stand no chance that we're never going to finish these games, we decided to get into another field that could help us grow: developer products.

We started scripting open-source software for ROBLOX developers to integrate them in their games. The techniques we used are now embarrassing, but at the time being, we were proud. "Blueberry" was the product that helped us get known in the developer community. We continued with "Butterfly", "Atherum", and "Blueberry Plus". We decided to expand and make our programs better and better.

In late 2022, we decided to expand ourselves outside the ROBLOX environment and get into some "real stuff". Now we're preparing to develop web applications, bots, mobile apps, and much more!

Now, dozens of people from all around the world use our apps, programs, and services to power their creativity up.

Top performance

What we did so far - and what we'll do
Mobirise Website Builder
ROBLOX software
Luau, UI

Session 42 Studios started and proceeds to develop useful and complex ROBLOX-based developer products and services.

Mobirise Website Builder
Discord development
Python, Node.js, web

We develop Discord bots with different purposes and customized Discord server management solutions.

Mobirise Website Builder
Web development

Complex and modern web-based applications, design, and solutions.

Are we talented enough? Hire us!

Session 42 Studios has an open program for other developers or groups to hire us for customized software or development solutions. From websites to ROBLOX and from DNS management to Discord bots.

Discord bot development

We can create and maintain custom Discord bots for your server or organization.

Websites & applications

We can create your custom static HTML & CSS only website, or level you up to your very own PHP web dashboard.

ROBLOX scripts

We can script you a custom software for your ROBLOX game & group.

Shape your creative business with Session 42 Studios' solutions

  • Discord server management. Let us handle your server design and logics. Your rules - our experience Worry less - make it more professional Hire us!
  • Discord bot development. Let us create a bot for your server, community, or business. Just tell us what to do and we'll give you the best options. Hire us!
  • Website development. Select the theme that suits you. Tell us what you want. Describe your business. We'll handle the rest. Modern and clean design - optimized for every device. Hire us!
  • Web application development. Wanna stand out with a custom dashboard? Or do you want your very own set of APIs? Let Session 42 Studios script that for you. Just make sure you got the server. Hire us!
  • Database management and integrations. Wanna save and get saved data? We can help! We will organize your MySQL databases and APIs. Only call an URL and boom! Here you go! Hire us!
  • ROBLOX game scripts. We can script a custom software for your ROBLOX game. Moderation panels, training center systems, admin commands, and way more! Hire us!
  • ROBLOX group solutions. A complex set of web applications to power up your group: ranking systems, ranking centers, group wall checker, group shout system, ROBLOX-to-web system. Hire us!
  • DNS management and Cloudflare. Unfamiliar with web servers but still have a hosting plan? Let us handle IPs, domains, speed, caching, DNS, safety, proxying, origin masking, and more! Hire us!

What Our Fantastic Users Say

User feedback

Blueberry is perfect for moderation! I have added it to my game as our secondary moderation system. I suggest using it if you have not.

ItzKeyon (on Blueberry)
User Feedback

Just saw this while scrolling through Community Resources, this looks great! Can’t wait to use this in my next game!

1DiamondBor (on Blueberry Plus)
UI Designer
User Feedback

Overall, this plugin has helped me tremendously and I totally recommend this plugin to everyone struggling with attackers, as this also works with the Blueberry admin panel which has anti exploit capabilities that have helped the Pan Simulator Moderator Team take swift action against these attacks. Thank you for making this!

Ralphie0511 (on Atherum)


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Session 42 Studios is an online-based group and productions studio that aims to provide high-quality applications and software all over the web.

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