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Story time

Session 42 Studios started on ROBLOX. Tons of groups, tons of games, tons of products. That's when we started creating several games (that we never finished by the way). We came up with a new game idea, but we never finished the previous one. After a while we got bored to keep working one something that we never finished. One day, we had a random thought. What if... What if we make something that actually works. Something... Hmmm. Something different. So what if... Ummm. What if we don't start with games? What if we don't start with a community? That's when we started making products for developers. We made some useful tools. And we didn't stop there.

Our performance

What did we do so far?
Blueberry by Session 42 Studios
Blueberry Plus

Blueberry is a 100% free and open-source system dedicated for developers and groups. It is meant to help them replace basic moderation punishment screens with custom UI ones.

Atherum by Session 42 Studios
Atherum Anti-Alt

Alternate accounts are accounts that ToS-breakers such as trollers, spammers, bots, and exploiters use to raid games without any risk and keeping their main account safe. Atherum aims to detect these "alt" accounts.

ZaraX by Session 42 Studios

Zara.X is a complex, modern, and new system meant to assist any roleplay group, military or cafe, to level up their training center. Zara.X comes with a set of smart and useful features that every training place requires.

What Our Fantastic Users Say

User feedback

Blueberry is perfect for moderation! I have added it to my game as our secondary moderation system. I suggest using it if you have not.

ItzKeyon (on Blueberry)
User Feedback

Just saw this while scrolling through Community Resources, this looks great! Can’t wait to use this in my next game!

1DiamondBor (on Blueberry Plus)
UI Designer
User Feedback

Overall, this plugin has helped me tremendously and I totally recommend this plugin to everyone struggling with attackers, as this also works with the Blueberry admin panel which has anti exploit capabilities that have helped the Pan Simulator Moderator Team take swift action against these attacks. Thank you for making this!

Ralphie0511 (on Atherum)

Session 42 Studios is an online-based group and productions studio that aims to provide high-quality applications and software all over the web.

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