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Story time?

Yep, we restarted Session 42 Studios on February 13, 2022 on ROBLOX. But we started it differently. We got into web development. Websites. Web apps. We created dozens of websites that now have thousands of visitors. But we didn't stop there. We started making web applications meant to support developers and users from all around the world.

Dashboards, HTML static websites, PHP APIs, and way more.

What did we do?

Session 42 Studios for Web
Blueberry+ Connect

Blueberry Connect allows you to remotely moderate your ROBLOX games via a web, real-time updated dashboard. Kick, ban and warn users effortlessly without having to join the game.

Session 42 Studios for Web

Zara.X is a web dashboard meant to facilitate the way ROBLOX roleplay groups can train their staff. The one and only tool you'll ever need for your training center.

Session 42 Studios for Web
Anonymous Systems Website

We built and manage the web side of Anonymous Systems, a new, unique, ROBLOX-based security company.


Session 42 Studios is an online-based group and productions studio that aims to provide high-quality applications and software all over the web.

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